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Monday, May 15, 2006
Busy busy month. And as if things weren't budy enough, I pick now to update the blog for the first time in months. If I can get six posts a year at this rate I'll be doing well.

Winter Fantasy was great. I got a couple of friends to come along and we had a blast. Unfortunatly I couldn't get a table together for the Living Force finale, so I ended up playing every Mark of Heroes mod they had at the con. Living Spycraft 2.0 was great, we had an excellent GM and it looks like in the future it'll develop into a solid campaign. The LSpy 2.0 mods seem to have a much different feel to them; they're seem a lot more freeform and XP is handed out for encountering NPCs rather than killing/capturing them. Overall, I like the new mods better than a lot of the old ones. The bit after Winter Fantasy didn't turn out too well, though. It took forever to game to get reported, and after they did all the Mark of Heroes (which uses online tracking) mods were missing information. The RPGA pretty much has me fed up, so after having run EMH-10 Desolate Endevor at TerpCon the weekend before last I'm done.

I've been really interested in Hackmaster lately, though. I don't know what it is about the game, but there's a definite sense of gamer nostalga there, having been based on the old 1st edition AD&D rules. The game also has a very light humor to it that really calls to my style of play. I want to get a game set up sometime, but things are a little too busy right now to get things started. The HMA, which is kind of like Hackmaster's RPGA, seems a lot less overbearing and more suited to my style as well. I've played one Hackmaster game over the internet (doesn't seem like anybody in my area really plays) and it was pretty good. The system seemed much more playable than it initially looked, and I had a lot of fun. When I do finally get a game together I have to work out if it's going to be mostly UMD people, local people, a mix of the two, or what. I definitly don't want to keep going down to College Park to run it, though. We'll see how that works out.

My finacee and I are getting married on June 3rd. A lot of prep for that going on, but things seem to be processing nicely. We've got the place lined up, and the officiant; working on decorations and things now. It should be much smaller than the original plan, which had over 100 guests. We're now working with about a dozen or so. Much more manageable; I think both of us would have killed somebody if we continued on with the previous plan.

We just bought our first car this past week. It's a bright blue Mazda3 S. Originally we'd been talking to a dealer in Frederick, MD and trying to set things up so when we were ready, we could just pick the car up with our specifications. We gave them three weeks notice, and every step of the way they said we were on track. Last Wednesday they said they'd found the car, but they didn't have anything to trade for it unit the end of the month. The next day we picked up the car at a dealership in Fairfax, VA (which was probably the car they were planning on trading for, since it matched what we wanted exactly). Overall, it's a great car. Looks great, smooth ride, nice handling, excellent acceleration. The gas milage sure beats the hell out of the '94 V8 Ford F150 I'd been driving, too.

This weekend was particularly busy as we started moving out of our apartment in DC and up to a new apartment in Germantown, MD. Our lease started on the new place this past Saturday (the 13th), but our old lease expires this coming Saturday (the 20th). Right now we're working on repainting the new place and setting everything up. We've got moving people coming on the 20th, but there's a lot of work to be done in the mean time. Cleaning the old place out is really gunna suck.

Work continues to be characteristicly busy. We've had three people turn in the resignations in the software group within the last week. We've got more projects than people to staff them, and a lot of our current products have field issues poping up. Fun times...


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