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Sunday, September 04, 2005
Classes have started back up, and it seems like like it's going to be a pretty good semester. I'm taking three Computer Science courses, but only one of them seems like it'll be labor-intensive. Aside from that I've got an Engineering Reliability class that meets once and week, and I'm set to graduate this December if all goes well.

I ran into the officers of the Terrapin Gaming Club at the student union on Friday, and to make a long story short I'm now helping set up TerpCon Fall 2005. We've already got rooms reserved for October 29th, so things seem to be going fairly well. Instead of doing registration through the forums as in previous years we're using, which is a great streamlined system for small-midsize gaming conventions. It's free, although I'm planning on making a donation as it's the perfect system for TerpCon. Right now we're accepting player registrations but not allowing players to sign up for individual games for another two weeks (at least). We had signups open for a day or so before we realized people were just signing up for whatever was available instead of waiting for game they were really interested in to come up. If half the people are going to drop the games they're in right now anyway for other ones I don't see a point in having registrations until a good number of games are up.

I'm planning on running a session of Only the Force, the all-jedi Star Wars D20 one-shot I was trying to get for a long time. I did run it once over the summer and it was a blast, but a lot of people missed out and it seems like it would be perfect for a convention (it IS an RPGA convention mod, after all). I think I'm going to run a Mark of Heroes mod in the morning slot, but the mod availability as been awful lately, so I don't know if it'll fly. If not, maybe I'll run a Living Greyhawk intro module or something. I don't really want to run three games in the same day (I'll burn out for sure), but I may try to run something low-stress for the afternoon slot. Maybe I'll set up a table of Star Wars Miniatures or something, do a recreation scenario from one of the movies or Clone Wars. That's another wait-and-see, as I might actually play a slot at TerpCon -gasp-.

That's about it for the moment. I'm sure there will be more TerpCon updates as we get closer to October 29th.


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