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Sunday, August 21, 2005
It's Sunday and I'm up at 9:30. I think this new job has totally killed my ability to sleep in late. I was up last night playing the Hunter: The Reckoning game for the Xbox. For a $5 bargain bin title, it's not too bad of a game. It's pretty much a 3D beat-em-up style game, but it supports up to four players so it's a pretty good group game. Some day I still want to get a group together to play through the two old D&D arcade games. We started to once with an arcade emulator but never finished the first one.

The cats now have their own web page. Well, two in fact. The first is my .Mac homepage (which will most likely disappear after 60 days when the free trial is up). The other is an online photo album titled A Tail of Two Kitties. .Mac is kinda nice, but unless you're using it to sync between multiple macs (which I'm not) it doesn't seem that useful. Maybe if I get an iBook I'll consider it.

I went down to the Apple Store at Montgomery Mall yesterday. I've been there before (it's where I got the now-returned Mighty Mouse) but this time I picked up an Airport Express (music and printer in the bedroom) and my fiancee picked up a green 4 gig iPod Mini. I gotta admit, the iPod mini is cute, but I still prefer my 20 gig click wheel iPod for the space. She fell in love with the thing (even bought it a pack of iPod Socks), but the first time we tried to turn it on the LCD faded out. No menu, no nothing, I know the thing is still on, I can hook it up to my computer and even update/restore the firmware. It even makes the clicking sound when you touch the wheel, just no screen. I even tried resetting the contrast, no luck. So, that guy's going back and getting returned Monday on my way home from work. Nice little product, it just needs to work right.

My fiancee and I got a date set for the wedding; October 8, 2006. It's going to be pretty small, and our guest list is almost full just with family members. There's a pretty good chance most of my family isn't going to make it, though (we always have a hard time getting most of the family together), so we'll probably do a second invitation list after the results of the first one goes through.

Well, I've got to pack up for the Legacy of the Green Regent game today. I should get to try out the Tact-Tiles for the first time.


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