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Sunday, October 10, 2004
TerpCon was indeed a blast last weekend, the morning Paranoia game was great (even though it started at 9AM), and I ended up getting two Shadowrun games in. There were a couple raffles (and a little over half as many prizes as people, so you had a good chance of walking out with some free swag), in one of which I picked up the Nebuleon core book and one of the supplements. Looks kinda cool, nice solid premises, intriguing setting, even though I've never heard of it before. Running of playing in a game might definitely be worthwhile sometime.

Not now though. No, now is midterms week. I had my Linear Algebra exam on Friday, and although the material was easy the midterm was a killer. It was one of those exams where each question has a point value, and you have to do XXX points worth of questions. Well, time was short, and I ended up getting about 240 out of 300 points completed (actually around 440 points worth of questions on the exam, but you could skip a few). I don't think anyone got close to 300 though, so the curve should smooth that out.

ENEE322 (Signals and Systems) exam on Monday, and it should be a pain in the ass. REALLY REALLY bad material, and a class that's known for people repeating it. Been studying a lot for it, but I'm anything but confident. I just have to remember I don't have to so well, I just have to do better than everyone else... all hail the curve.

CMSC417 (Networks) and ENEE440 (x86 Assembly) exams on Thursday. I know the material we cover in class pretty well, but I've got to hit up the textbook for both of those, since there's a good chance they'll pull questions from the readings that are totally off the wall compared to the lecture material.

To compound that, I've got a Networks project due Wednesday at noon. Basic premise: implement a reliable file transport mechanism over UDP. It's a pain, but I'm slogging through. Still, not a good time to be programming for a class that doesn't accept late assignments.

I'm still gearing up for a few Paranoia games, though. I bought a copy of the second edition rules off eBay, and I can now truly appreciate how bad 5th edition is in comparison. I do still like the new Paranoia XP from Mongoose, though. I also got some of my older Paranoia supplements rebound at Kinos (they did a real nice job), the circa 1987 bindings weren't quite pulling their weight anymore. After midterms, I can finally take a look a scheduling some games in (including my Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil D&D game, which we haven't run in about a month now).

Gotta survive this week first, though.


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