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Monday, September 13, 2004
To the left of my, I've got my good old 1.2 Ghz Athlon running Gentoo Linux. To the right of me is the 933 Mhz Dell Optiplex my girlfriend got me running Windows 2003 Standard. Both of them are hooked up via a 4 port KVM switch to the monitor (which my girlfriend also got me from work) and Happy Hacking keyboard on my desk. Directly in front of me is the 3.06 Ghz Dell Inspiron 5150 that I'm currently writing this on, but with the wireless router I could just as easily be on the couch behind me. Near the couch sits my roommate's TV, which my Xbox is hooked into.

I've got my Linux machine for my networking class (Windows sockets suck), the Windows machine for my microprocessor lab (board interface software is entirely windows based), and Bochs running MS-DOS 6.22 on my laptop for old-school assembly programming. When I've actually got free time (which is happening a lot more often then I expected, guess classes still haven't really heated up yet) it's all about the Xbox Live play.

You know, I think I really am starting to like this place. I've got a great setup here, and I can't think of a time when I've been better equipped to get all my projects and assignments done. I've really got the perfect environment for three different classes, and it seems like I'm getting a lot of this stuff done in record time (it's a lot easier to debug an x86 assembly program when you aren't running it under windows; direct access to the hardware eliminates a LOT of guessing what the operating system is doing).

My old wish is that it were closer to campus. It's not like I participated in a lot of oncampus events even when I lived oncampus, but there are some things like the Engineering picnic and First Fridays I'd like to hit up. A lot harder to do that when the events are an hour away, and restricted to when the busses are running. Still, seems like it's worth it.

Well, I thought I was going somewhere with that, but I think I kind of lost steam after realizing how much random cool stuff I had. I've been reading a lob of Paranoia stuff lately, and am really looking forward to running a quick Paranoia XP game sometime soon. I'm trying to set up a D&D game this weekend, but if things don't pan out scheduling wise maybe I'll try to run a Paranoia one-shot. I'm scheduled to play in a Paranoia game on October 2nd at TerpCon, and I'm starting to get geared up. I picked up some new (red) dice, a ream of (red) paper for character sheets, some new (red) glass counters, and plan on grabbing a red T-Shirt next time I see one. Equipment above my security clearance my ass...

Anyway, more details when I get more info. Until then, I've already finished my four assembly programs for tomorrow, so I'm gunna watch SVU then maybe play on the Xbox for a while, or doing some planning for a as-of-yet unscheduled Paranoia game.

Peace out.


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