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Tuesday, May 18, 2004
Finals are over, and I'm feeling pretty good. Most of my hair is in tact, and they haven't carted me away to the loony bin. And, best of all, I think I actually passed the majority of my classes.

So, for some odd reason, I reformatted my laptop and installed Windows XP, forgoing Gentoo Linux. I've got to say, Microsoft is doing a couple things right. Hibernation support is great, although the three worms I was infected with while in the process of setting the machine up (maybe 2 hours) weren't. I just felt that I probably would not need gcc and most of the other things I use Linux for durring the school year, and I'd give Windows a chance (the possibility of doing the odd gaming over the summer didn't hurt, either). Some things are crappy, some things are great, but I figure I'll at least give it a sporting chance. My soft modem apears to be working as well, giving it another leg up for when I head home tomarrow.

The company I interviewed with called me back a few days ago, confirming I got the job. Having money over the summer would be nice, especially since I still want to round out my D&D 3.5 collection and pick up that MX510 mouse. Gotta pay for the toys.

Anyway, off to play some more Serious Sam. I forgot how much I missed random gameplay...


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