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Wednesday, December 17, 2003
Finals week.... posting right now as a break from my ENEE302 studying. Exam is tomorrow at 10:30 AM and I am totally screwed.

Laptop: It's like it fell from heaven. Beautiful in every respect, it can both kick ass AND take names. Switched over to Gnome 2.4 instead of my previous KDE desktop. Seems a lot snappier (of course, more than doubling the clock speed can do that) and the Copy/Paste function actually works (that was my pet peeve in KDE). Think I prefer Epiphany to Konqueror too; I've definitely had more luck with the Gecko rendering engine than KHTML (most notably, my online banking stuff now works flawlessly). I've already ordered a new firewire box to stick my 40G hard drive in, and am looking at minipci wireless cards. Seems like a Prism2/2.5 card is gunna be my best bet under Linux, but the MPCI3A-20 based cards that Dell uses in the Truemobile 1150 also seem to be Linux kosher. It's probably mostly going to come down to whatever's cheaper, since performance isn't a big issue (when I need bandwidth, I just use the ethernet connections).

Finals: Had my CMSC351 final today, and that wasn't bad. ENEE302 final is tomorrow, and that WILL be bad. Day after that is ENEE241, and on Saturday I finish up with ENEE350. Basically, not too bad after ENEE302 (notice how the only non ENEE class is by far the easiest...)

Neverwinter Nights: Started playing it last week when I had a bit of a break before the heavy studying started. Linux client works great, and it's actually pretty cool. I'm borrowing a CD-key right now, since I'm playing through the single player, but I think I may definitely buy a copy before I come back from break and try some online play. It reminds me a lot of Vampire the Masquerade:Redemption in terms of the multiplayer mode. Seeing as that was the last game I actually bought new on release (might be the only one, actually), I definitely might have to give Neverwinter Nights a try. It'll be something to keep me occupied during break, at least.
[Coincidentally, I'm also thinking about picking up a copy of UT2003 now that I can run it decently. Some Spring semester multiplayer action might be forthcoming from that front, as well. You got a decent computer, might as well pick up a decent game or two.]

Well, back to studying... like it'll help at this point.


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