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Wednesday, December 03, 2003
Roommate Quote Of the Day:
Wendy takes care of Peter Pan, because Peter Pan is a jackoff
- Field

Girlfriend Quote of the Day:
Field is a "jack-off" too, from what I understand...
- Laura
Well, the weird keep getting weirder. I found out yesterday that my Uncle bought me a laptop from Dell too, as an early Christmas/Birthday present. I have no idea what the specs are on it, but I did kit the one I ordered out to the point of near Linux-perfection. The current plan is to return the one he bought, and if he really want to help, ask him buy some more RAM from Crucial. I did buy it with upgradeability in mind, I didn't expect that upgrade to come a couple weeks after I got the thing.

Hmm... looking at Tiger external DVD burners are getting pretty cheap, around $120. I guess that's one more upgrade I could look into. I wonder if I can put a seatbelt on my deskchair for when I boot this thing up...

Well, off to bed. I only have one class tomorrow, but I'm planning on hitting the ENEE350 homework pretty hard after I get back.

Monday, December 01, 2003
Well, found out a couple things over the Thanksgiving break. Found out I got a 35/40 on my last ENEE241 exam (average was a 27), I found out they put in metal detectors at the Smithsonian after 9/11, and I found out that my jacket holds about two baskets full of materials said metal detectors would pick up. I also found out it's a REALLY good idea to keep your PDA charged when they ask you to turn on all your electronic devices (try explaining that your PDA is a PDA and not a bomb when it can't turn on and display rather PDA-like features).

Had a good time hanging out with my girlfriend for a couple days. We ended up going and seeing Matrix Revolutions. Overall, it was an OK movie, but kinda a let down for the series. At least Matrix Reloaded had replay value on a couple of the scenes, but I really can't imagine watching the Matrix Revolutions more than a handful of time. Of course, I am still required by Geek Law (TM) to purchase it on DVD as soon as it comes out.

The Big News: I am getting one hell of a laptop. My desktop has been acting flaky lately (USB devices shut off, doesn't turn on some times without a lot of coaxing), and my P166 laptop, although reliable, it's as... "feature rich" as it could be. Somehow (still not sure how) I managed to work this into my mother paying for a $1300 Dell laptop. If this week gets much better, it may confirm the excistence of a Divine Entity...

Basic specs for the techies:

Dell Inspiron 5150
3.06 Ghz P4-M w/Hyperthreading
256M 333/DDR RAM (planning on upgrading it later at cheaper-than-Dell rates)
64M nVidia GeForce FX Go5200 (More so I can use the nVidia XFree86 drivers than for gaming, but I have been known to indulge in a little Quake3 every once and a while)
15" Screen capable of 1400x1050
USB 2.0 and Firewire ports
30G Hard Drive (planning on ripping my 40G out of my desktop and sticking it in an external box I've got laying around to supplement)

So, it seems to outclass my desktop by a fairly wide margin. If my desktop continues to hold up much longer, I may set it up as a TiVo-like MythTV unit. Like I said before though, it's been kinda flaky, so I'm not gunna hope for too much. The laptop weighs in at around 8 pounds, so it's more of a compact desktop replacement than a portable machine. Still, with the padded backpack I've got, I can bring it to class when I feel like it. The laptop I've got now is pretty heavy, so it's quite possible the new one could be just about the same heft (I can't estimate weights by feel at all). I checked the order status, and it seems like it's already been assembled, and just needs to be boxed and shipped. And of course, as soon as I get the machine, it's Gentoo time.

Well, homework time. I'm doing OK on the ENEE350, but I REALLY need to start on the CMSC351 before I loose all intrest.


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