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The life (or lack thereof) of a UMD Computer Engineering major graduate
Saturday, November 08, 2003
It's Saturday, and I'm up before 12 (already had a shower, too). I consider this a major accomplishment. Normally, I'd celebrate by taking a nap, but it kinda defeats the purpose in this case.

Got my ENEE302 exam back on Thursday. Somehow, through an extreme application of dumb luck, I managed to get a 100%. The average worked out to somewhere around 65%. Keep in mind I guessed on a large portion of this one. So anyway, until the next exam, which I'll probably fail miserably, I'm a freakin' genius...

I think I'm going to take advantage of my early consciousness and get breakfast. Granted, it runs until 2PM, but last time I went for breakfast they ran out of potatoes. If they run out of potatoes again, I think I'm just gunna chalk this whole waking up before noon thing as a failure and resume my normal 2PM waking time.


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