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Saturday, October 18, 2003
Felt pretty crappy for the past couple days. It started out as a sinus infection, and spread into one hell of a sore throat and a ear infection on my right. As a result of the sore throat (and me actually having money, for once) I've been eating at Noodles, Inc. a lot. A bit of a change, since I normally hit up Chipotle whenever I can. Chipotle has the huge, $5 lunch-log burrito, but I've got to admit that Noodle has a much nicer atmosphere, not to mention some actual diversity in the menu. Overall, a lot of good stuff; simple dishes done well. The price tends to run about the same as Chipotle, overall. Chipotle is still the place to go if you're real hungry, but Noodles is nice for if you just want to sit down and have a nice, light meal.

Finished three of my four midterms. I only have my ENEE302 exam to go, and it's looking like it'll be the bear of the group. I know next to nothing with regards to BJTs and MOSFETs, so I've pretty much got to figure out Life, the Universe, and Everything pertaining to transistors by Thursday. That'll be fun....

I started looking at the new D&D miniatures on eBay. Wizards dropped the Chainmail line last year and now have a line of prepainted, plastic minis. Overall, I wasn't too impressed with the quality from the gallery shots. The thing that seems wierdest is this whole, random packaging scheme, where you buy a box and you have no idea what you're going to get. Two of them looked interesting, so I put up bids for individuals on eBay. I'll post a couple thoughts on them once I get them and look them over.

Well, it's almost 4PM and I'm still sitting around in my underwear. Suppose I ought to get up and head over to Noodles for lunch...


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