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Wednesday, September 17, 2003
Wow, over three weeks oncampus and this is my first update. Kinda been slipping my mind lately. Moved in. Saw cockroaches. Called the Department of Urban Biology (which would sound legit if it wasn't part of Resident Life), and they came out, didn't find jack. Saw a cockroach 2 days later, and caught it in a CD spindle. They believed us after that. Of course, they didn't actually WANT Pepe the cockroach, they were content having him sit around in my room as long as he stayed in the spindle. That lasted about a day...

I'm definitely getting used to having a T3 connection again. I can do a gentoo 'emerge sync' in a minute or two, which makes daily system updates possible again. I'm kinda ticked about the wireless connection, though. They changed to some weird LDAP authentication scheme that the browser on my Zaurus doesn't support. Right now I'm using the Sharp 3.1 ROM, I might have to see if Konqueror embedded can handle it under OpenZaurus. It's kinda a shame too, because I'd REALLY gotten to like the new version of Opera. I'll have to see if I can get it to run under OZ, because I'd like to use the new version of GAIM for the Zaurus more. My laptop seems to handle the authentication like a champ though. If only it weren't so heavy and didn't take so long to boot.

I don't mind the weight of the laptop so much anymore, though. I picked up a new backpack at Staples before I went back, and it distributes the weight fairly well. It's made by the Swiss Army guys, (think it's called an "Urban Daypack" or something) it's padded up the wazoo, and it has a compartment and strap system specifically for laptops. Overall, I'm quite pleased with it, even if it was $60 (gotta pay for quality). It can hold all my miscellaneous stuff while it's too hot to wear my vest.

Well, think that's enough for one night. I'm planning on going home this weekend, so I've got to get all my assignments done by Friday. No MATLAB at home, ya know...


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