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Friday, August 22, 2003
I got my Happy Hacking Lite 2 Keyboard in the mail today. Really slick. Basically, it's a USB desktop keyboard with a compressed Sun3 layout. A lot of keys are based on an Fn modifier key, like on a laptop. All the function keys are replicated by hitting Fn+1 or whatever. No number pad on the right side. The Control key is in the correct place (under the tab key), and it adds a Meta key.

It seems like the perfect keyboard for a UNIX system without a lot of desk space. It should be real nice for when I get back in the dorms, and need ever inch of space I can get. The buttons aren't quite squishy, but they don't make the clacking noise that nearly drove my roomate to insanity last year. All in all, a damn-near perfect keyboard.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003
Like many UNIX geeks, I've been following SCO's IP claims for a while. It seems like things keep escalating further and further, until last week SCO claimed the GPL invalid. Well, looks like those claims my finally be coming to a close. It seems that Bruce Perens has aquired a copy of SCO's slideshow describing the code copied from SCO's codebase into Linux. His analysis finds that the code is actually from a variety of third-party sources, including publicly released BSD sources, and Unix Systems sources released into the public by SCO itself. SCO may keep talking, but I have a feeling a whole lot less are going to be listeneing.

In the beginning, I thought SCO's suit could be valid, and that there really might have been infringing code. As time went on, and thier claims got more and more outlandish, I reguarded them more and more like a senile old man, no realizing that he'd lost it. This just seems like the peak of SCO insanity. Unless they've got one hell of an ace up their sleeve, SCO is toast.

Well, guess that's enough news for now. Haven't been up to much, just the same old. Starting to gear up to heading back to campus (next Friday). I helped my girlfriend move in on Sunday, so I guess I should start getting my own stuff together before too long. It's kinda sad, I still have a bunch of stuff in boxes from when I moved out...

My goal is to bring a lot less stuff with me this year, especially a lot less books. I'm determined to leave most of my Dungeons and Dragons stuff at home for now, and only bring the stuff I'm really going to use. That pretty much puts me down to a couplescattered core books, and about half a dozen Shadowrun sourcebooks. If I find myself needing more stuff, I can always have my mom mail it down or something...


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