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Sunday, August 10, 2003
I just got back from the big Roanoke, VA trip yesterday. It was nice, I got to see the Natural Bridge, meet some of my girlfriend's old (middle school) friends, and meet her grandparents. I got my PocketStation initilized on a DDR Extreme machine, now if only we had a machine around here I could use it regularly on... Overall, we had a great time, and aside from some shady directions (don't trust Mapquest) didn't have any problems.

I also picked up a copy of the Shadowrun Third Edition ruleset while in Roanoke. I've been thinking about starting a Shadowrun game up once I get back on campus, but we'll see how it pans out. I've got to say, it is good to start thinking about Shadowrun again after a few years. I played D&D 3rd Edition for a while, but it never quite clicked the way Shadowrun did.

I do have to say, I am a bit disappointed in the direction Shadowrun seems to be headed since 3rd edition. Most of the sourcebooks have becomes piles of rules and tables, instead of the Shadowland format of Fields of Fire and the Corporate Security Handbook. Although Shadowrun has a good rulebase, it's strength came from it's setting and content. It had a really nice mix of fantasy and technology that really clicked. The new stuff just doesn't seem to convey that setting nearly as well.

None the less, I will probably pick up a good bit of 3rd edition stuff anyway, because I am an RPG whore. I'll probably just use most of the 3rd edition stuff, and using any 2nd edition stuff I already have that doesn't conflict. The old gun books like Street Samurai Catalog and Fields of Fire should still work fine, but I'm trying to get a copy of Man and Machine as it sounds like the cybertech got a decent revamp. Rigger 2 and VR 2.0 should do fine, since it seems like the changes to Rigger 3 and Matrix are neglagable, and I probably wouldn't be using Riggers or Deckers for a while. I picked up Magic in the Shadows a while back, which should finally come in handy (magic got the biggest tweak of all in 3rd edition). Like I said, I'm a sourcebook whore. At this rate, I'll probably forget about the game in a few weeks anyway.


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