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Monday, July 21, 2003
I went back to Say Cheese! tonight and they had the new DDR Extreme machine. No memory card slot, but it's still a decent machine. I push a new listing up on DDRFreak but it has to go through the verification process.

Aparently my roomate may have a car on-campus this year, so group trips to XP Lasersport may be in order. It worked out pretty well the one night everyone came up to the Putt-Putt DDR machine, and might be cool to get something like that worked out on a regular basis.

I got back from Richfield Dutch Days on Sunday. My girlfriend and I headed out to my mom's hometown for thier anual fair/carnival thingie. There are rides and games, but the main event seems to be the food. Dutch days is home to some of the best chicken corn soup you'll ever find. In any event, it was a nice little weekend trip that we do every year.

The big thing around home is that out water is totally buggered. Ants got down into the well and now there's enough bacteria and drown ants that isn't not safe to shower in, let alone drink. When we had it tested, the bacteria count exceeded the maximum the test could handle, so we don't know just how bad it is. We spent most of the day dumping bleach down the well, so hopefully we'll be able to get it cleaned out in a couple of days. It definitly helps explain some of the odd rashes I've been getting on my legs...

I started reading Terry Pratchett's Discworld series recently. They're a nice light read, and definitly a lot funnier than the Lovecraft I'd been reading previously. Overall, they've got a lot of very Monty Python-like humor to them. Maybe it's just the Brittish sense of humor, but I doubt it.

Well, I'm off to play some more Final Fantasy VII. I hadn't played it for a while, but got started on it again last night. Hopefully I'll have finished it up by the end of the summer...


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