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Wednesday, July 02, 2003
Went to Say Cheese! Pizza tonight with my girlfriend and my brother. It's a cheap all-you-can-eat pizza buffet that has pretty good pizza and pasta. I was just getting out of my truck, when I said that if the place had a DDR machine, I would just put down my money at 11AM when they opened and stay until they kicked me out. I damn near fainted when I walked in the door and saw a MAX2 machine sitting in the corner. Aparently they'd recently gone under new ownership, and had just put it in the day before. The MAX2 machine is actually a loaner until they get their DDR Extreme machine, which got caught up in customs or something. I'm just praying the new machine has a memory card slot when it comes in next week. That would make Frederick (gasp!) NOT SUCK! Well... not suck quite as much.

So anyway, looks like I may be spending some serious time up there. At $4 for the buffet and $1 for a drink, it's not shabby at all. I'd pay $5 just for the drink refills when I really get going. I might have to start planning weekend trips up from College Park, and do the DDR club meetings there. I'll post a link as soon as they update the DDRfreak database (although they do have directions and all at the Say Cheese! website).

We stopped by Target on the way home, and I actually bought a pair of shorts. I've been wearing jeans... as long as I can remember. It's been years since I owned a pair of shorts. They're pretty much exclusively for.... you guessed it: DDR. Needless to say, this is a huge change for anybody who knows me.

Well, I'm off to bed. Keep hoping/praying/sacrificing Republicans for that memory card slot.

Monday, June 30, 2003
I just got my long awaited (read: backordered) BNS DX-Xtreme DDR mat from and I've got to say, the thing is simply amazing. Previously I had a cheap set of generic nonskid mats I got off eBay, and there is absolutely no comparison.

For one, there are plastic inserts under each of the arrows so you can feel where you're supposed to hit with your foot. That's always been one thing I've liked about the arcade machiones as opposed to my el-cheap-o pads, but the inserts seem to work a lot better than the arcade stage. You can really tell where you should be going, even when you start going sideways or do turns. A lot of this could be based on using the mat in socks, and doing the arcade machine in shoes, though.

The second thing that really amazed me was how much better the 1-inch foam felt after I'd been playing for a while. Normally, I have to quit playing after a while with my old pads (or in the arcade) because my feet hurt. With these after a while I noticed I was starting to slow down, and really push myself. After I while, my score was really starting to do downhill, and it took me a sec to realize my legs were starting to get really tired. I'd never gotten that tired before, because my feet had always started hurting and I'd quit before I played too long. A definite improvement.

When I play DDR, I tend to bounce. A lot. For some songs, like Butterfly, I bounce so much it looks kinda funny. With the new foam, it's a lot easier for my to bounce, since I have that "give" when I hit. A minor point, but if bouncing is your style, it helps.

There isn't too much to say, except even at the $63.90 I payed for one DX-Xtreme mat it was worth every penny. I'll post more info as I play around with them more. Time to go test out pyDDR with the included PC adapter.


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