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Saturday, June 28, 2003
Wow, over a month since the last post. I've guess I've just been moving real slow this summer.

My biggest project of late seems to be totally reformatting my main desktop. I've been compiling everything from source with Gentoo(REALLY nice system) and it's definitly taking a while. The main problem isn't compiling everything though, it's getting the source packages. I'm still on my 26.4k dialup connection here at home, and downloading the XFree86 sources took about 8 times longer than compiling it. Before I started I swapped out my ATI radeon for a Nvidia Geforce4 440MX, and it's been a noticeable improvement. It's not a powerhouse card by any strech of the imagination, but the Nvidia linux drivers kick the shit out of the DRI hacks I was using with my Radeon. I'm just happy to not have the machine lock up after I did anything OpenGL related, not to mention the fact that I can now play UT2003. I'm definitly liking my new KDE setup a lot more than the wierd hackjob that was Bluecurve (ala Redhat 8), although I'm still working on installing packages.

Besides that, I haven't been up to too much. I've been reading a good bit of Lovecraft after my girlfriend bounght me a collection of his original works. I'd found a lot of works derived from Lovecraft's stories in the local libraries, but finding The Call of Cthulhu (in print) without interlibrary loaning it just wasn't happening. The Best of H.P. Lovecraft seems to be just about perfect though, as it has The Shadow Over Innsmouth and almost all the other stories I was looking for.

I ordered a copy of Jedi Power Battles off eBay to keep me occupied while my computer was down, but about a week later it still hasn't gotten here. Funny thing is, my machine is pretty much back in working order, and I've been playing UT2003 more than messing with the Playstation, anyway. Oh well, it should still be worth the $8.

I'm thinking about heading up to Chambersburg, PA to find a DDR machine with a memory card slot. DDR Freak has had it on record for a while, so I might have to make a pilgramage up there with my PocketStation. It'll probably be about an hour long drive, but I'd like to play around with it a bit before my girlfriend and I go on vacation to Roanoke.

Well, guess that just about sums it up. Until next time, keep your stick on the ice.


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