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Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Haven't been any updates in a while. This is mainly due to me not doing much in a while. Well, I guess that isn't totally true. Since I've gotten back I've:

Seen the Matrix Reloaded: Overall, I loved it. The only real lacking was the piss-poor love scene. Way too long, and unnessicary in the first place. The movie didn't seem to have as many deep references as the first, but then again I've only seen it once so far, I'm probably missing a lot. There seems to be less tying plot, but what's there is definitly more profound, and sows more seeds for the third installment. The fight scenes were spectactuar, and definitly dominate the movie. I'll definitly be buying (or preordering) the DVD if for nothing else but that it would be the perfect movie for my roomate and I to keep on the TV while we're coding. The extended fight scenes seem great for that kind of on-again off-again background. All in all, the movie seems to follow the Empire Strikes Back formula of putting the main characters in the worst possible scenerio, and building up to the third film.

Played a lot of DDR: I managed to find two small arcades with DDR machines using the database at I've been playing DDR MAX2 and DDR Extreme, and although I like the Extreme song listings a bit more (they brough back Butterfly, come on), the MAX2 machine seems to be a bit less used, so I don't have to wait (or get shown up) as often.

Realized my DDR pads are crap: OK, so I bought the cheap nonskid mats off eBay. I wasn't expecting great quality, but I've started realizing that if I've got my foot down on the right arrow, my hits on the left arrow almost never register. It's more of a problem then you'd think, especially on slower songs. As a result, I'm considering buying a generic Ignition 2.0 pad. Not that I've got my pads on hard wood at home, my feet do start to hurt after I play for a while, which the 1 inch foam should help. I could definitly benifit from the hard insterts under the arrows, too, since one of the reasons I go to the arcade so much is that I can feel the arrow with my foot when I'm off and adjust when I'm slightly off. Seems like I can pick one up, shipped, for around $30 off eBay. As long as it fixes the right foot, left foot problem, and it's half decent, I'll probably pick up a second.

Started Playing Final Fantasy VII: I decided I wanted to play an RPG over the summer, since I figured I'd havwe a lot of free time. I wanted something fairly futuristic, so I settled on Star Ocean 2, which I found on the UMD DirectConnect hub before I left. I figured with a name like Star Ocean, it's be something in space or something. I'd watched the opening cutscene after I burned the discs, to make sure it works, and it had starships and all, looked like the kinda thing I wanted. Well, after playing for around 14 hours, I kinda lost intrest. It seemed to be almost completely medeval, and I got a couple data read errors, one of which caused me to loose about 2 hours of progress because I hadn't come across a save point in a while. So since everyone had said Final Fantasy VII was one of the best RPGs ever on the Playstation, I figured I'd pick up a copy at KB toys for $15, and give it a try. Seems pretty good so far, but nothing too spectacular. We'll see as time goes on, I think I only have around 6 hours logged so far.

Bought a PocketStation: Just won my bid on eBay. The prices seem to have been climbing recently, so it was a little pricey. The seller has an excellent feedback record though, so I'm not too worried. I've got one memory card dedicated to DDR saves right now, I think the PocketStation will be filling that role from here on out. Now if only I could find a DDR machine with a card slot.... or could read Jananese.... I'm sure I'll mention the PocketStation more when I acutually get it and start playing with it.

Went bowling: Acutually went bowling for the first time in something like 12 years. Ended up being a fairly big outing with me, my mom, my brother, one of my brother's friends, and my girlfriend. Had a fairly good time, but I came away with my feet fairly sore (still nothing compared to DDR, though). My girlfriend and I both liked it, and it would be fairly cheap for two, so we probably will go again soon. Well, that and the bowling alley is pretty close to Chipotle.

OK, so maybe I have been doing stuff. I just didn't want to admit that most of it was so lame :-)


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