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Friday, May 16, 2003
This is (hopefully) the last post from Easton Hall, UMD. If all goes according to plan, I'll be moving out sometime around noon tomarrow. I had my CMSC330 and diffeq exams today, fun stuff. The 330 exam had some stuff that was just genuinly off the wall. Tracing problems based on doubly linked lists and call-by-name are pure EVIL...

I have my ENEE204 exam tomarrow at 8AM. Early as all get out, but I'm strangely not too worried about it. I don't think I'm in much danger of failing that one (knock on wood), but we'll see. In any event, even if I fail everything, it'll all be over as of 10AM tomarrow. I haven't really had much time to pack (or any time to pack), so the actual moving out process is probably gunna take a while. I'm doing it in two trips though, taking all my good stuff (desktop, laptops, PSone) now and coming back for the bulk misc. stuff on Tuesday. Hopefully it'll go quick.

Caffeine Update: Jolt Energy Gum is pretty good stuff. I got it in the ThinkGeek Caffinated Candy Sampler but reviewing the price, it's not too bad. Less than $2 for a 12-pack of surprisingly tasty caffeinated gum. I still think Hypermints are at the top of the list, though.

For some reason I've really wanted a PocketStation recently. They're real expensive at the moment on eBay, but they seem to oscillate in price. It's something wierd to play around with, but might be kinda cool if I could find a DDR arcade machine with a memory card slot. In any event, it'll be a bit of a conversation piece at the DDR club meetings, as I have a feeling I'll pretty much only be saving DDR data to it. I've actually been unlocking a good bit of stuff in the 5th mix lately.

Well, better get to bed. Can still get about 6 hours of dreams about transient analysis and overdamped AC oscillations in. The next post should be from home.



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