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Thursday, May 08, 2003
Got my wireless access point up and working. I'm posting from my laptop on the bed via 802.11b right now. Overall, I've been very impressed with it so far. It had a nice web interface to it, and had an easy setup process, while still providing the advanced features I wanted. The only glitch happened when I tried to update the firmware from my laptop. All you do is upload the new firmware file from the browser, but for some reason the transfer got inturrupted, or it didn't like me using Phoenix. In any event, I don't think it ever started the flash procedure, but it did lock up the router. I power-cycled it, then hooked up my roomate's machine and successfully uploaded/flashed it.

Got my DDR pads, too. They have a strange foam backing unlike either of the sets my roomate bought. They seem to stay put a lot better on the dense carpet as a result though, so I'm not complaining. A bunch of us might get together tonight in the Easton lounge, and play until either they throw us out, or we fall unconsious. Should be a good oportunity to break the new pads.

Well, better head out now if I want to get something to eat and not be late for class.

Monday, May 05, 2003
Update: Apathy attacks! I think I've resigned to blantantly ignoring my last ENEE204 problem set and instead watching some of the cartoons at
Had my last ENEE206 lab today. One hell of a load off my mind. Near the end I had consumed so many caffeinated cinnamon mints I had some sort of wierd engineering buzz going on. Actually built the circuit, got all the plots we needed, bullshitted the questions, and remembered most of the words to the Spongebob Squarepants theme song.

UPS says my wireless router should be here... tomarrow. Somehow, I think I ended up with a ENEE204 problem set due tomarrow morning, and that's about it for the week. Gotta set that up and play around with it as soon as I get it. Should have plenty of time to work on my Java multithreading project, which I'm actually kinda interested in. Wednesday I might just bring my laptop to class, since I'm done at 11, and try programming out on the mall for a while. Hopefully it'll be nice out.

NOTE: Anything bad I've ever said about Java is temporarily recanted until I actually have to use it again. All bad thoughts are now to be stored in.... The Lockbox (along with Prolog).


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