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Friday, May 02, 2003
I just submitted my first non-functional Computer Science project, ever. I've been working on it frantically since I got back from class at 5 PM yesterday and it still doesn't work right. It just had too damn many infinite loops. It'll do the first couple queries correctly, but it'll pretty much just enter an infinite loop for the rest.

That seems like as clear of an indication as any that this simester is my worst yet. I've gotten an A in every Computer Science class so far (well, besides Descrete Structures. That wasn't too Comp Sci-like in my mind) here at UMD. I haven't done too bad on the previous projects in this class, either. I just can't get a handle on Prolog.

The next project is on concurency (multithreading) in Java. Granted, I'm not a big fan of Java, but I can definitly get into it. I'm just hoping they consider what I did to be a "good faith" effort. A good faith effort is worth 50%, which I could deal with. The big problem is that if you DON'T submit a good faith effort, they reseve the right to flat out fail you. I may have to visit the prof in office hours and talk to him about it. I talked to him once already when I was thinking about dropping the class, and really liked him. He seems kinda strange in an indescribeable kind of way in lecture, but one-on-one he's really helpful and down to earth. Oh course, I say this BEFORE he fails me...

Ended up ordering a Zip drive for my Toshiba laptop, 2 DDR pads, a wireless router, and a pizza in the past couple days.

Got the Zip drive today and have been having some issues with it, although I haven't really had time to play with it because of the project. I don't really trust floppies and don't use CDs on the laptop much, so I may just keep it in the bay if I can get it to work right. It picked it up the first time I had it in, but hasn't since. Don't think it fried the bay, though, since I poped the CD-ROM back it and it detected. Oh well, something to play around with when I have time.

Been a lot more interested in DDR since Meslissa started working on the whole club idea. Hopefully my girlfriend and I will practice enough over the summer that we at least will stop falling over on 4s.

The router is primarily for my dorm room here, although it could come in handy over the summer. It's a Netgear MR814, which seemed like the best option given a little research. It seems like all wireless routers suck, they just suck diffrently. If I could get it to work out right, I'd be using my laptop a hell of a lot more often around my room and in the lounge. Being able to sync my Zaurus 5500 wirelessly would be pretty damn cool, too.

My mom ended up sending one of the ThinkGeek Caffinated Candy Samplers last week, which has been a big help. Hypermints are now one of my favorites, possibly even better then Penguin Mints.

Well, think I may go take a shower. Haven't really had time for the whole personal hygene thing today...

Sunday, April 27, 2003
Kind of an interesting weekend so far. Last night the Hoff Theater was showing Army of Darkness, and a good number of the gaming club showed up. You don't go so much to see the movie, but to yell at it (Zoom!). A couple of Shailee's friends showed up, including one that's trying to set up an SGA-sponsored Dance Dance Revolution club, Melissa. My roomate and I, along with a bunch of her friends, ended up playing DDR in the Denton lounge until arund 6:30AM. Walking out of the building in the morning was like having the flashlight of God shining in my face, and he was using that same grip the cops do in case they need to club you with the handle. I did get a couple of the Japanese mixes though, and she's gunna burn the rest for me, so I might actually buy a set of DDR pads before too long. My girlfriend said she might be interested in playing over the summer, so that'd be kinda cool. They're real cheap on eBay, just gotta watch the shipping cost. DDR on DDR pads is pretty good, but Street Fighter on DDR pads is awesome...

Today at 4 Shailee and the rest of her Indian dance troupe did a set for the diversity dance thingie. Second time in the Hoff in 24 hours, just didn't get to yell at the screen this time. She was good, and so was everyone else. Overall, it was really good, and I kinda felt bad about leaving durring the intermission. Oh well, gotta polish up those ENEE206 pre and postlabs, then study for my diffeq and CMSC330 exams this week.


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