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Friday, April 25, 2003
Registered for next simester's classes on Monday. I'm tenatively taking:

ENEE241 Numerical Techniques
Started taking this one this simester, but recently dropped it. A lot of gaussian elimination and linear aproximation. Basically, breaking wierd operations down in algorithms that can be converted into low-level instructions.

CMSC351 Algorithms
Learn better ways to do stupid stuff, such as sorting and summing list. Lost of discrete math proofs, from what I understand. I HATED discrete structures...

ENEE350 Computer Organization
At lot of low-level hardware OS interaction stuff. Sounds interesting to me. Unfortunatly, it's taught by the same prof that made ENEE244 a pain in the ass...

ENEE302 Digital Electronics
No clue what's up with this one. As long as it's digital and not analog, I should be able to get into it.

GEOG100 Some Geography Class
A random CORE placeholder, that I'll probably drop long befrore class ever starts.

This all goes haywire if I end up failing diffeq or anything. The next diffeq exam is on Thursday, that'll be fun. Unfortunatly, it's the same time as the housing meeting for next year, so my roomate has to proxy for me.

Dino Crisis 2 is now one of the best games for the playstation I've ever seen. Ended up beating it last night (was fairly short, under 9 hours) and and plot to it is damn near amazing if you start to think it through. There are a couple thing I still don't quite understand (like the OTHER 2 chicks in biker helmets), but one of the scenes in the ending cutscene gave me an inkling. Well, time for a shower so I can meet with my lab partner to work on pre/postlabs for ENEE206.

Monday, April 21, 2003
Wow, been a real long time since I updated. Reality blows....

Got a 97 on my ENEE241 exam, but dropped the class anyway after finding out homework counted for 30% of the overall grade. My assignments had been hovering around 50%, when I'd actually turned them in. At least with the exam grade I withdrew from the class while I was passing.

Got the grade for my ENEE204 exam last night, 90%. The exam average was a 66%, so I was 24 points above the average. Since I did 20 points below the average last time, I'm a total of 4 points up :-). At least I can talk some trash this week about nodal and mesh analysis...

I got a P166 MMX laptop from a friend down the hall. Her dad is government, and they love to trash the old stuff, even if it does have a brand new lithium-ion battery. Loaded gentoo linux up on it and apart from one strange boot loader failure, it runs pretty damn smooth. Got IceWM running, it's a nice, light interface that seems like it's perfect for this machine. All I really need is a couple compilers (Java, C, whatever), debuggers, interpreters (prolog, perl), emacs, a good terminal emulator, and a working wireless card, and I should be set. Right now it's finishing recompiling/bootstraping glibc and gcc 3.2.2, so after I get done recompiling... everything, it should run like a streamlined butterfly. The big question, in the meantime, is what sticker I should put on the lid. I'm looking for something unixy, but not related to any specific distribution, or maybe even to linux. I'm thinking the got root? one, since it'll match the one I've got on my truck, and my hat.

Dino Crisis 2 is officially the best playstation game I don't have time to play, although Ghost In the Shell comes a close second. Been pulling all sorts of stuff off IRC, although most of them seem to be RPGs. I like a good RPG, but I really don't have the time to get involved in a huge RPG. I got to the second disc in Legend of the Dragoon, and then kinda tapered off. I got damn near the end in Resident Evil, but started playing the third in the series and lost intrest (the post-apocolyptic theme seems much more emersive).

Bought a 25" TV off TerpUnderground for $30. Was in the room for a while, but mainly got it to replace the TV in the living room. It's the first time we've ever had a TV with RCA jacks, and my brother's PSX (the one I got from the guy down the hall) is definitly benifiting from junking the RF adapter. Should be a bit nicer when I come home on summer break, at least.

Well, time to work on the ENEE204 problem set. Transient analysis is a bitch...


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