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Wednesday, April 02, 2003
The CMSC330 project got pushed back until Monday at 10PM, so today as been a much more relaxing (and much less caffinated) day than projected. It was really nice out, so I took a walk down to the Game and Video Exchange on Route 1. I ended up picking up a copy of Cowboy Bebop disc 4 (yeah, the one with the Shrooms episode :-)) new for $18, and the second disc of Trigun is on the way from another one of thier locations. Overall, a fairly nice place.

How well I did on my ENEE241 exam this morning pretty much determines which class I drop. If I did phenominally well, I'll probably drop ENEE206. Otherwise, 241 goes bye bye. It did seem fairly easy though, which is acutally a BAD thing in this case, because I kinda like 206 in some wierd massocistic way.

Grabbed the RedHat 9 ISOs off DirectConnect, and am working on installing it on my laptop. If it works out, I'll probably migrate my desktop over, since they aparently included the Radeon DRI drivers this time around. Shouldn't be too hard, since /home is on a seperate drive than the rest of my system, so I should just be able to reinstall and keep all my data, although I'd have to reinstall/recompile a lot of shit, and pretty much reconfigure everything. Oh well, been saying I wanted to try an all KDE shop for a while, this could be my chance....

Java officially blows. This whole "no pointers, except everything is a pointer" thing is really startiing to get annoying. I'm mainly having problems with the diffrences between the way Java and C++ handle dynamic typing, though.

Bought a new lightgun over the break, since the trigger on my only Guncon compatable one was acting funny, but still haven't played around it it too much. Haven't really touched the PSone since I got back from break, so I might try that out a little later night. Right now, I need to fix my project so that it doesn't clip the last element off by binary expression tree....


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