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Saturday, March 29, 2003
Haven't been any updates in a while, as I've been home on Spring Break. Some people go to Cancoun, I go to the dentists and get a hair cut...

Successfully got my 7 year old brother hooked on the Playstation. I'm leaving the old PSX I bought from the guy down the hall (think I mentioned that earlier) here at home, now that I've got my PSone back. It's kind funny comparing the two, since functionally they're pretty much the same, but the PSone has this strange draw because it's so... white. Sony marketing does it again. Ended up going down to Best Buy last night and buying him his very own Dual Shock contoller (Crimson Red), since the only extra I was leaving here was one of the crappy original grey controllers.

Got a CMSC330 project due on April 4th (Friday). Haven't been able to write any code for it here at home, since coding over an SSH session on a dial up line SUCKS. I did plan out my class hierarchy, and bought two cases of Vanilla Coke (it's actually really good if you pour it into a glass an let it flatten for about a minute) in anticipation of getting back to UMD on Sunday. Yeah, I've got to basically master Java in less than a week. This'll be REAL fun.

I am now, by the way, officially failing every one of my classes except ENEE206. I talked to my advisor about it, and he said he was surprised I'd made it this far with the recomended Computer Engineering four year plan. I'm going to meet with him again after I've talked to a few of my professors. I'm looking into dropping ENEE204, even though it's a coreq for ENEE206. I was thinking I might be able to swing it if I just sit in on a couple of the more pertinant lectures, but after this lab on Thevenin equivilants, I'm not too sure.


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