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Saturday, March 15, 2003
Got my shipping number from Xpresspost (Canadian) on Thursday and so far it's moved... across town. With my luck, the PSone will get caught up in customs. In the meantime, I'm working through my roomate's copy of Legend of the Dragoon. It seems really similar to the Final Fantasy series (which I never liked), but for some reason I'm really getting into it. Over all, pretty good for a console RPG. Now if they would only would have released Fallout for the playstation...l

Went to the health center on Wednesday after my CMSC330 exam (the only one I might not have failed) and they loaded me down with antibiotics and decongestants. I'm feeling a bit better but I've still got this hacking cough...

Got my Piel Frama case for my Zaurus 5500 a couple days ago. REAL expensive, but the cost is recouped by the fact they shipped me two by mistake. I suppose I ought to contact them about that, but at this point I couldn't afford the shipping back to Spain. A friend in the gaming club has a Zaurus 5000 (the developer's model) that has the same form factor, so I might see if he's interested in it. Overall, it's a very nice case, and allows you to use all the Zaurus' features like the CF slot and sliding keyboard while it's still in the case. The only problem I had with it was that although it has a hole for the power adapter to fit through, the adapter plug is still to wide to fit, and you need to take the Zaurus out of the case to charge. I may try enlarging the hole a bit on one of the cases to make it fit, but I'd really rather not mess with it.

Tuesday, March 11, 2003
Well, got word from the Canadian company installing the modchip in my PSone. Of cource, now the $40 check I was planning on using to pay for it has decided to take about a week to clear, so I'm still not getting it back until that goes through.

Actually got a circuit to totally work for once in ENEE206 yesterday. Hooked it up, and it pretty much did exactly what it was supposed it do. Think that's a first. I'm hoping it makes the postlab a lot easier, now that we actually have all the data.

I'm definitly coming down with something, probably bronchitis. I'm probably going to go to the health center tomarrow after class, but I've got a bunch of differential equations stuff to do. Why not do it tonight, you may ask? Gotta study for my CMSC330 exam. That'll be all sorts of fun, after finding out that I blew hard on the ENEE241 exam last week.

Sunday, March 09, 2003
Well, I'm now a member of the UMD chapter of the IEEE. I'm still trying to find out about renting a locker in the IEEE lounge. I figured maybe I could leave my laptop (old K6-2 333) in there and just code or whatever in my 30 minute breaks between class on Tuesdays. As much as I love my Sharp Zaurus 5500, there are some things a thumb keyboard just can't really do.

Still waiting to hear back about my PSone. I mailed it off to Canada a little over a week ago to get a modchip installed, but I have heard anything from the company yet. It's a fairly reputable place (as places that install modchips go), so I'm more worried about USPS screwing up the delivery then them trying to rip me off. If I don't hear from them in a week, I guess I'll call and see if they recieved it, but have a backlog of work or something. In the meantime, I bought an old PSX from a guy down the hall, and there's always my roomate's PS2. Functionally, there's really no diffrence. The PSX takes up a lot more space on top of my computer than my PSone did, though...

Still haven't heard anything from Tirese (sp?) on the whole Valentine's day snafu with the breathalizer. Everyone else has already gotten a letter form her and set up an apointment, so I'm hoping I'm in the clear. Guess I'll know as soon as we get the housing priority numbers...
Managed to get some real good anime dirt cheap. A friend kicked the anime habit (crack would be cheaper) about a year ago, and finally got around to selling everything off at $5 a DVD. I picked up two disks of Trigun (probably my all time favorite series) and the first two disks of Cowboy Bebop (good, but I like Trigun better) for $25. The first Bebop disk was $10, but it was also signed by the guy who did the character design, so worth every penny. Considering I was planning on getting the first Trigun disk for $30 from Suncoast, I basically just saved $5 and got 3 DVDs free....

Now if I only had time to actually sit down and WATCH them...


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