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The life (or lack thereof) of a UMD Computer Engineering major graduate
Saturday, February 15, 2003
Just got back to my room after getting my very first breathalizer test, fun fun. Started off watching Legally Blond in a friend's room, people with plenty of beer showed up, and then the cops decided to join in the fun. I didn't have anything, and the breathalizer agreed, so that clears me on the cops-with-guns front. I think I can still get written up by the RAs for just being in the room though, so I'm still sweating that one out.

Happy Valentines Day. Now just blow in this straw as hard as you can....

Wednesday, February 12, 2003
Well, got back from my 4-7PM makeup circuit theory lab, only to find more circuit theory and differential equations problem sets waiting for me. Aparently getting the floors in the lab waxed on Monday were much more important than actually having the lab available. Three hours of fiddling with JK flipflops and XOR gates on my own time, and the floor looked like shit anyway.


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